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VICTOR 05S Multifunction Loop Process Calibrator DC Voltage and Current Output/Measurement Loop Mult
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VICTOR 05S Loop Calibrator

I.Basic characteristics of the product
1. Input measurement characteristics
l Basic functions
DC voltage DCV, DC current DCI
l The maximum measurement accuracy is 0.05% and the measurement display is 5 digits.

l Measurement rate: 2-3 times/sec.
l Loop detection function, internal 24V circuit power supply, and simultaneous measurement of current.
l mA has a percentage display mode.

2. Analog output characteristics
l Basic functions
DC current DCI
The maximum measurement accuracy is 0.05% and the measurement display is 5 digits.
l Output settings can be manually increased or decreased by position.
l DCI output includes active output (internal 24V power supply) and passive output (external 24V power supply).
l mA has a percentage display mode.
l During DCI output, it can provide manual stepping and automatic waveform output functions.
The manual stepping output mode includes: 25% stepping and 100% stepping.
The output current is selectable from 0~20mA or 4~20mA.
Automatic wave output type includes: automatic step, sawtooth wave, triangle wave, and automatic waveform working parameters can be configured.
3. Internal 24V circuit power supply.
4. It has maintenance setup functions, including
Auto power-off, backlight, flashlight
5. Others
l The segment code is displayed on an LCD with a white backlight.
l It has a LED flashlight for lighting.
l It is powered by 3 AA battery cells. The battery compartment door is convenient for battery replacement. Low-battery detection is available.
l It is small, firm, reliable, suitable for field use, and cheap.
l User-optional large-suction magnetic sling is provided.


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