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VICTOR 709H IP65 Thermocouple Calibration Equipment HART Communication Loop Calibrator
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VICTOR 709H HART Communication Loop Calibrator With IP65 Protection 0.01% Accuracy 0- 22mA DCA -2.000~28.000V DCV Measurement

General Specifications

Power supply : four 1.5V alkaline batteries(LR6)
Battery life : about 360mA /5V under the condition of 20mA with 1kΩ load
Max. permitted voltage : 30V(between any two terminals or between any terminal and earth ground)
Operating temperature : 0°C~50°C
Operating relative humidity : ≤ 80%RH
Storage temperature : ≤ - 20°C~60°C
Relative humidity for storage : ≤ 90%RH
Temperature co-efficiency : 0.1×Basic accuracy/ ℃(Temperature<18℃ or >28℃)
Protection level : IP65(Dust,Water spray)
Display :3.2 inch TFT color display
Size : 206(L)×97(W)×60(D)mm
Weight : 600g
Safety : EN61010-1:2001
Accessories : The test pen(H000000-00)
Industrial test lead(H000002-00)
Crocodile clip(H010000-00)
VC709H Quick guide_English(E100073-00)
VC709H Product qualification certificate_ English(E300018-00)
VC709H Product user manual _ English(E400022-00)
Insurance tube(D610000-00)
5alkaline battery(D620002-00)
Option PC infrared communications accessories package(Z070102-0000-00)
Linear power adapter(DC5V)(P070003-00)
Hook type tester(H000004-00)
Technical Data 
Project Referencemodel
Performance parameters

Source DC current
Range 0.000~22.000mA
±(% of the set value +% of range)
Resolution 1uA
Analog transmitter
Range 0.000~22.000mA
±(% of the set value +% of range)
Resolution 1uA
External power supply 5 ~ 28V
Measurement DC voltage
Range -2.000~28.000V
±( % of Reading+ % of Range)
Resolution 1mV
DC current
Range -4.000~33.000mA
±( % of Reading+ % of Range)
Resolution 1uA
Loop power supply
Range 24V
The maximum current 22mA
Driving ability No HART resistance of 1KΩ.
HART resistance is 750 Ω.
HART communication Support HART general instructions and general application instructions. Able to read the device basic information, perform diagnostic testing and calibration to fine tune the most HART transmitter, can store up to 20 HART device configuration file.
Other functions Protection grade IP65
Backlight brightness adjustment
25%,100%step output
Automatic ramp
Automatic step
mA,%Switch the display
Auto Power-off
Power Adaptation function
Battery Low display
PC online communication Compatible with infrared isolation USB serial communication interface.
Supports industry standard SCPI commands, can realize remote control instrument by the device driver software.
Electrical safety EN61010-1:2001
Insulation DC500V /50MΩ
EMC EN61326-1:2006
Authentication CE
Display 3.2 inch TFT color display
Power supply 4×1.5V AA Alkaline battery / adapter
Size 206 × 97 × 60 mm
Weight About600g

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