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VICTOR 8155 20MHz True RMS Desktop Digital Multimeter Capacitance Measurement
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VICTOR 8155 220000 counting 5½ digits desk-type true-RMS digital multimeter with USB 1000V 10A Capacitance measurement.



VICTOR 8155 is a full-featured, 199999 counting 5½ digits desk-type true-RMS digital multimeter with stable performance. The STM32 chip and external integration AD chip used by the meter offer strong overall functionality, excellent performance, and good experience for users; its 3.5-inch large-screen has clear displays of reading, rich content, and a good result of display. It is mains-powered driving which makes it highly reliable. Its comprehensive features, full-range overload protection and unique design make it the first choice for electricians and university laboratories.

In addition, VICTOR 8155 are equipped with the calibration function which allows the user to calibrate according to actual needs and is simple and convenient.


Basic features

  • 5½-digit resolution ratio
  • 3.5-inch large-screen display with rich content, clear display of reading, and a good result of display.
  • Dual parameter display: it can display two parameters of the same input signal (for example, with the AC voltage measurements, it can display simultaneously AC voltage and AC frequency value).
  • Measurement speed points: FAST (6 times / second) → MID (4 times / sec) → SLOW (1 times / sec).
  • Duty cycle measurement function
  • Square wave output function
  • Manual / automatic range setting function
  • Communication interfaces: USB Device, RS232
  • Support SCPI protocol and provide programming file
  • AC and DC voltage, DC current, two-wire / four-wire resistance measurement.
  • Cycle and frequency measurement, frequency of up to 20MHz.
  • Capacitance measurement.
  • Provide automatic trigger, external trigger, and single trigger measurements.
  • Measurement capabilities for current up to 10A and voltage up to 1000V DC.
  • Keypad lock function and system setup; languages, buzzer, screen brightness and so on can be configured according to various needs.
  • Simple external calibration function
  • Variety of mathematical functions: statistics (maximum, minimum), relative measurement, dB, dBm.
  • On-off, diodes, reading hold, data hold / reading, key tone, trigger measurement and so on.

3. General indicators

1-1 Mode of display: 3.5-inch LCD display;

1-2 Maximum display: 220 000 (5 1/2) automatic polarity display and unit digit display;

1-3 Range selection: automatic / manual;

1-4 Note to over-range: the screen displays "-OL-";

1-5 Measuring rate: fast (6 times / sec), medium (4 times / sec), slow (1 times / sec);

1-6 Power supply voltage: AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz;

1-7 Working environment: (0 ~ 40) ℃, relative humidity <80%;

1-8 Storage environment: -10 ~ 50 ℃, relative humidity <80%;

1-9 Dimensions: 265mm x 105mm x 330mm (width X height X depth);

10 Weight: 2.3kg;


Main technical indexes


Model VICTOR 8155
Display screen 3.5” TFT LCD (resolution of 320*480)
Number of display digits 1/2
Signal terminal Front
Fastest measuring speed 6 readings/s
Function No. Uncertainty, ±(% of reading + least significant digit )




Uncertainty 0.015%+ 3
Measurement range 1 uV~1000 V
Maximum resolution 1uV




Uncertainty 0.2%+ 100
Measurement range 1 uV~750 V
Maximum resolution 1uV
Frequency range 40Hz ~ 100kHz



Uncertainty 0.05% +10
Measurement range 0.001 uA ~ 10 A
Maximum resolution 0.001uA




Uncertainty 0.3%+400
Measurement range 0.001 uA ~ 10 A
Maximum resolution 0.001uA
Frequency range 40 Hz ~ 5kHz



Uncertainty 0.02%+ 6
Measurement range 0.001 Ω ~20MΩ
Maximum resolution 0.001Ω
Frequency/cycle Uncertainty 0.1%+3
Measurement range 200 Hz ~20 MHz
Maximum resolution 0.001Hz



Uncertainty 2%+5
Measurement range 2nF ~ 10 mF
Maximum resolution 1 pF
Mathematical functions: Relative measurement, max/min, dB, dBm, reading hold
Data storage/reading Yes
Interfaces USB Device, RS232,(Optional:USB Host LAN,Gpib)
Trigger measurement Yes
Square-wave output Yes
Fast measurement Yes
Resistance 4-line measurement Yes
External trigger measurement Yes
AC+DC measurement Yes
Calibration Yes
On-off/diode Yes
Limit test function Yes


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