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VICTOR 8165 1999999 Counts Desk Top Multimeter LCD display 3.5 inch
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VICTOR 8165 1999999 counts 6½ digits desk-type true-RMS digital multimeter 2300 readings/second RS-232, LAN and USB Device.


Bench-type Digital Multimeter

VICTOR 8165 multimeter provides 6 1/2digits, high-performance AC and DC measurements.

The multimeter is equipped with a 3.5-inch color display with high resolution and built-in intelligent operation system, and is able to provide more information and functions, simpler operation, wider testing range and more flexible and convenient system building. It is a new digit multimeter that leads the developing tendency above.

They are mainly characterized by:

  • 6 1/2 resolution 
  • The digital multimeter is equipped with a 3.5-inch color display screen (resolution ratio is 320*480), which is powerful enough to provide greater coverage of content, flexible display of a variety of graphical interface, and good display effects. The users can also customize the display interface depending on their needs, and choose from various display functions such as graphics, figures, maths and other functions simultaneously on the screen.
  • Bi-parameter display can display two parameters in one input signal (such as display AC voltage value and AC frequency value during AC voltage measurement).
  • Conduct remote operation through interfaces of IEEE 488 (VICTOR 8165A), RS-232, LAN and USB Device.
  • With functions of trigger input and output of measuring completion.
  • The front-panel menu is with USB port for data storage, procedure updating and configuration.
  • Customers can update host software by themselves.
  • Two-wire and four-wire measurement for resistance, 10Ω and 1GΩ measurement range for extension.
  • Measurement of period and frequency, and frequency can reach to 300 kHz.
  • Capacitance measurement.
  • For temperature measurement, users can set sensor measurement by themselves.
  • Maximum current measurement capacity reaches up to 12A.
  • Many math functions: statistics (maximum value, minimum value and average value), zero elimination, dB, dBm and limit.
  • Graphic display: tendency chart, histogram, history curve, listing and other display methods.
  • Support SCPI programming language and many command sets (Agilent 34401A and Fluke 45).
  • With internal and external calibration functions.

Basic difference:

With GPIB interface Without GPIB interface
With rear panel signal input terminal Without rear panel signal input terminal
Model 8165A 8165
Display 3.5 inches color screen (with resolution of 320*480)
Displayed digit 6 1/2
Signal terminal Front/Rear Front
Maximum measuring speed 2300 readings/second
Function Item Uncertainty, ± (% measurement value + % measurement range)
DCV Uncertainty 0.0030+0.0005
Measurement range 0mV-1000V
Maximum resolution 100nV
ACV Uncertainty 0.06+0.03
Measurement range 1mV-750V
Maximum resolution 100nV
Frequency range 3Hz-300kHz
DCI Uncertainty 0.05+0.006
Measurement range 0uA-12A
Maximum resolution 100pA
ACI Uncertainty 0.10+0.04
Measurement range 1uA-12A
Maximum resolution 100pA
Frequency range 3Hz-10kHz
Resistance Uncertainty 0.01+0.001
Measurement range 0Ω-1GΩ
Maximum resolution 10uΩ
Frequency/period Uncertainty 0.007
Measurement range 3Hz-300kHz
Maximum resolution 1uHz
Capacitance Uncertainty 1+0.3
Measurement range 0nF-100mF
Maximum resolution 1pF
On-off/Diode Yes
Proportion (DC: DC) Reference terminal range 100mV-10V
Input terminal range 100mV-1000V
Temperature Type Platinum resistance, thermistor and user-defined sensor
Maximum resolution 0.001℃
Math function Relative (ax+b), maximum/minimum/average, standard deviation, dB, dBm, reading-keeping and limits test
Graph Histogram and tendency chart
Interface RS-232, IEEE 488, LAN, USB Device, USB Host, Trig IN/OUT
Programming language SCPI compatible with Agilent 34401A and Fluke 45
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