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New Type Digital Grounded Resistance Tester VICTOR 4106A
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VICTOR 4106A Earth Resistance Tester 3-Pole 4-Pole Method Measurement AC True RMS Large LCD Display With LED Backlight


Basic features of the product

Basic measurement functions

Earth resistance measurement (RE)

Measurement method: 3-pole method, 4-pole method

Measuring range: 0.02Ω~1999Ω

Minimum resolution: 0.01 Ω

Basic accuracy: 5%


Soil resistivity measurement (ρ)

Measurement range: 0.01Ω·m~376.8KΩ·m

Interval of auxiliary earth rods, setting range: 1.0 m ~ 30.0 m.

AC true RMS voltage E.V

Measurement range: 0~50V

AC bandwidth: 40Hz ~ 200Hz

Measurement basic accuracy: 2%


Earth test other features

Earth resistance measurement adopts square wave excitation test, the maximum open-circuit voltage is 50Vp-p, and the short-circuit current is <3mA.

Automatic range detection in earth resistance measurement.

RK resistance test, the line resistance effect can be removed.

Earth comparison test, the measurement result can be evaluated by the preset "pass/fail (✓ / ✘)" limit and be given audio alarms accordingly.

Product calibration

By connecting with the standard instrument, calibrating panel according to the procedures and saving the appropriate calibration data, the periodic calibration is completed and the due accuracy and performance of the product are guaranteed.

Large LCD display with white LED backlight.

Easy man-machine operation, portable, solid and suitable for field use.


Product basic functions and performance (technical data)

(applicable for one year after calibration, 23℃±5℃, 0~70%RH, accuracy = ±(%reading+LSD))


AC voltage E.V

Measurement range Resolution Frequency range Precision
0.00V~50.00V 0.01V 45 ~ 200Hz sine 2%+5

Input resistance: about 1MΩ

Measurement rate: 2 times/s .


Earth resistance RE (RG when testing ρ)

Range Measurement range Resolution Precision Remarks
20Ω 0.10Ω~19.99Ω 0.01Ω 5%+5

0.2 Ω error is added when the resistance is less than .

RH and RS are 500ΩRk corrected data.

200Ω 20.0Ω~199.9Ω 0.1Ω
2000Ω 200Ω~1999Ω

Output features: test open circuit voltage UM, the maximum is around 50Vpp, square wave

Test the short circuit current IM, the maximum is around 3mApp, but IM(RH +RE)< UM

Measurement time: typical 2 seconds.

RH MAX: (4K Ω+100RE) or 50KΩ (whichever is lower).

RS MAX: (4K Ω+100RE) or 50KΩ (whichever is lower).

Additional error at RH MAX or RS MAX: 3%+10.

Series interference voltage: 16·2/3Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz, 400Hz and DC 3V (20Ω range does not include DC).

Additional error at 3V series interference voltage: 5%+10.


Soil resistivity (ρ) measurement

Range Measurement range Resolution Precision
20Ω·m 0Ω·m~19.99Ω·m 0.01Ω·m

Depends on RG


200Ω·m 20.0Ω·m~199.9Ω·m 0.1Ω·m
2000Ω·m 200Ω·m~1999Ω·m 1Ω·m
20KΩ·m 2.00KΩ·m~19.99KΩ·m 0.01KΩ·m
200KΩ·m 20.0KΩ·m~376.8KΩ·m 0.1KΩ·m
The distance between the earth rods: a=1.0 m ~ 30.0 m.

General features of the product

Operating temperature and humidity

0 to 40ºC (non-condensing ≤10ºC), ≤85%RH

Storage temperature and humidity: -20ºC to 60ºC,≤90%RH

Working altitude:≤2000m.(Indoor use)

Rated transient overvoltage:6K (1.2*50us) I, II, III measurement peak value

Withstand voltage:AC8320V(50/60Hz)/5 seconds (between the circuit and the outer box)

Insulation impedance:1000MΩ or greater/DC1000V (between the circuit and the outer box)

Vibration and shock:Randomness 2g, 5 to 500Hz 1m drop test

Calibration period and warm-up time

To ensure the accuracy of this table, the calibration period is one year or other

The warm-up time after turned on is 10 minutes or other

Power supply:Powered by 8 x 1.5 V LR6(AA) alkaline batteries

15V power adapter power supply

Automatic shutdown operation: automatic shutdown time 0~90 minutes can be set

Size and weight:178 × 110 × 59 (mm), about 600g (including batteries)

  • Product accessories
  • Standard configurationTest kit
  • (Red:15 m; black/green: 5 m; yellow: 10 m) - 1 set
  • Earth steel chisel - 4
  • Product manual 1
  • #5 alkaline batter- 8
  • Printed box - 1
  • Cloth bag - 1
  • Handle rope - 1
  • Optional accessories
  • 15V power adapter - 1



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