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VICTOR 60H Digital Insulation Resistance Tester
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VC60H Insulation Resistance Tester Product Overview
I. Basic features of the product
1. Basic measurement functions
DC voltage DCV
Measurement range: 0 ~ ±1000V.
Measurement basic accuracy: 2%
AC true RMS voltage ACV
Measurement range: 30~750V(50/60Hz)
Measurement basic accuracy: 2%
2. Insulation resistance test
4 insulation test voltage ranges: 100V, 250V, 500V, 1000V
Basic accuracy: 0~+20%
Insulation test range: 0.00 MΩ ~ 19.99 GΩ
Measurement basic accuracy: 5%
Short circuit current is about 1.3 mA  
3. Insulation testing other features  
Insulation test operating modes, including:
Single, continuous test
Insulation timed test
Insulation PI (polarization index) test: the ratio of the resistance value measured when the insulation excitation voltage is applied for 10 minutes to that of 1 minute
Insulation DAR (absorption ratio) test: the ratio of the resistance value measured when the insulation excitation voltage is applied for 60 seconds to that of 15 seconds
Insulation resistance and voltage monitoring test display
Insulation resistance test automatic range  
Test voltage automatic discharge function  
Voltage detection and alarm of the measured object
The TEST switch with lock function
Insulation comparison test, the measurement result can be evaluated by the preset "pass/fail ( / )" limit and be given audio alarms accordingly.
4. Data recording / viewing function: manual recording, internal memory can independently store 100 (groups) measurement data, recorded data can be viewed on the instrument.
5. Product calibration
By connecting with the standard instrument, calibrating panel according to the procedures and saving the appropriate calibration data, the periodic calibration is completed and the due accuracy and performance of the product are guaranteed.
6. Segment code LCD screen display, white backlight.
7. Easy man-machine operation, portable, solid and suitable for field use.
II. Product basic functions and performance (technical data)
(applicable for one year after calibration, 23℃±5℃, 0~70%RH, accuracy = ±(%reading+LSD))
Insulation resistance measurement (RISO)

Rated voltage 100V 250V 500V 1000V
Measurement range 0.00MΩ~19.99MΩ
Open circuit voltage DC 100V
+ 20%,-0%
DC 250V
+ 20% ,-0%
DC 500V
+ 20% ,-0%
DC 1000V
+ 20%,-0%
Drop resistance 80kΩ 200kΩ 450kΩ 1MΩ
Short circuit 1.3 mA nominal value
Accuracy 5%+5
Insulation test automatic discharge time: when capacitor C = 1µF or less, discharge time<1 second.
Insulation test alive circuit test: if the terminal voltage is greater than 30 V before the test is initialized, the alarm will be activated to prohibits the test.
Insulation test maximum capacitive load: operative below 1µF.
Voltage monitoring display (insulation resistance measurement)

Measurement function Measurement range Resolution Accuracy
DC voltage DCV 0~1000V 1V 2%+3
Voltage test

Measurement function DC voltage
AC RMS voltage
Measurement range 0~±1000V 30~750V
Frequency band:45Hz~200Hz
Resolution 1V
Accuracy 2%+3
III. General features of the product
Operating temperature and humidity
0 to 40 (non-condensing ≤10), ≤85%RH
Storage temperature and humidity
      -20 to 60≤90%RH  
Working altitude
≤2000m.(Indoor use)
Rated transient overvoltage
6K (1.2*50us) I, II, III measurement peak value
Withstand voltage
AC8320V(50/60Hz)/5 seconds (between the circuit and the outer box)
Insulation impedance
1000MΩ or greater/DC1000V (between the circuit and the outer box)
Vibration and shock
Randomness 2g, 5 to 500Hz
1m drop test
Calibration period and warm-up time
To ensure the accuracy of this table, the calibration period is one year or other
The warm-up time after turned on is 10 minutes or other
Power supply
Powered by 8 x 1.5 V AA alkaline batteries
 15V power adapter power supply
 Automatic shutdown operation: automatic shutdown time 0~90 minutes can be set
Size and weight
178 × 110 × 59 (mm), about 600g (including batteries)
IV. Product accessories
Standard configuration
Test meter probe (including alligator clip)-1
Product manual - 1 
#5 alkaline battery - 8
Printed box - 1
Handle rope - 1
Optional accessory
15V power adapter - 1
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